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Institutes A holistic certification program (in person or through a new long distance learning program) that is playing a crucial role in improving health and happiness in America. Founder Joshua Rosenthal. Marc David, MS Author; Founder and Director of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating offering tele-classes and workshops


646-872-2836 Patricia Sanzone – ViniYoga Therapist, Reiki Master and Reflexologist offers services privately in your home and in her east village studio on 11th Street in Manhattan.

Herbs 973-728-5878   Robin Rose is a herbal master offering private sessions and seminars.

Therapeutic Oils 215- 284-1584 email: Vicki Sarnoff Certified Health Counselor, Reiki Master, writer for the Philadepahia Healthy Examiner and distributor of therapeutic grade Essential Oils by Young Living.  Vicki offers a depth of knowledge on the healing powers of oils. 212- 501-8418 Sally Ekaireb, HC, DSH  email: We experience vibrant health when our physical body connects and aligns with our inner spiritual being.  Clients discover how to access this inner life force and experience greater harmony, clarity, and vitality in their daily lives.  The services offered include: Counseling, Homeopathy, Divine Healing, Support Groups and Personal Programs for Holistic Living.

Family Education 212-765-2377 Julie Ross, M.A.  email:  Parenting Horizons seeks to enrich children’s lives through parent and teacher eduction through workshops and private counseling for parents.

Skin Care

212-688-8411 Sharonah Rapseik, MS, AADP  is an extraordinary licensed master esthetician offering safe, natural solutions to various skin disorders including the challenges of mature skin. In her practice she features the aromatherapy, color and gemstone therapy and the renown all natural ingredients of Dr. Hauschka Skin Care in her skin care and facial services.

Women’s Health 212-581-0001  Laughing Sage Wellness™ guides women through a simple, proprietary five-step method to balance hormone levels and eliminate menstrual and sexual health symptoms by changing their diet and using food therapeutically. The company was founded in 2001 by Alisa Vitti and has helped thousands of women reclaim their balance and live their most successful lives.


1 866-496-1993 email: Aditi Paul is a Nutrition Educator and Lifestyle Coach working with for-profit and not-for-profit 40+ professionals in various industries to launch their comeback.  Building upon corporate and non-profit business and marketing experience her organization, Turn Around Ventures LLC, has a specific department that offers Virtual Assistance services to professionals in the health & wellness sector.  Packages are customizable and the strategic support that accompanies the tactical execution is exemplary. 917-586-5554 Kelley Black – Founder, President  Everybody is looking for an edge and practical tools to live a more fulfilled life.  Balancing the Executive LifeTM (BEL) is a stress reduction and self-healing coaching service for busy professionals.  Based on the teachings of NAAM Yoga, BEL provides practical tools to access flow states, strengthen the nervous, glandular and circulatory systems, permanently transform negative, self-limiting behavioral patterns and attract personal/professional opportunities so that you can lead your most authentic, empowered, exquisite and heart-centered life. Relationship Expert, Liyana Silver  For couples and women who want to evolve out of relationship ruts and painful patterns and step into extraordinary, flourishing, sustainable partnerships, built to withstand the pressures of the 21st Century. Through coaching, counseling, workshops, retreats, tele-seminars, self-study courses, informational writings and extensive resources, Relationship Expert, LiYana Silver offers the (reverently irreverent) road-map and recipe guide to re-defining, re-designing and re-igniting your relationship life.

Business Consultants 201-934-5151 Judith Anderson founded A&R Consulting in 1991, and is the firms CEO. She currently works with leadership teams leadership teams and team members to accelerate toward aggressive goals with ever greater ease and grace (less trauma and drama), especially with teams working cross-functionally, in collaborations with other organizations, or in global environments.

Insight. Change. Results

Travel 718-858-4239 Diana Schneider.   Explore the world with ease and joy, plan and book your next international vacation with Diana Schneider – your Aussie, Kiwi, Matai, Fundi Specialist of Snug Harbour Tours where you’ll benefit from her 30 year travel experience.   Your vacation will be designed to match your lifestyle and pace.  Continue enhancing your health and spirituality while abroad, ask Diana about holistic and spa retreats around the world especially in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and Central and South America.

Products Natural skin care products and remedies made from the highest quality biodynamic, organic and natural ingredients. 212 966-6370 Kamwo Herbs – 30 year old Chinese Herb Shop – 209-211 Grand Street, NYC 10015 On-line discounted vitamin supplier.  Great prices.  I use them for all of my vitamin needs. Organic Trade Association

Reading Material a quarterly wellness magazine specializing in anthroposophical  approach to life through health, homeopathy, naturopathic medicine, biodynamic and Waldorf education. – Annie Lalla edits Wonder Magazine for the emotionally astute female intellectual.  Encouraging women to source personal power from their curiosity & imagination”


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    […] + lavender) for my chest/ throat area and to tent and inhale.  You can find Vicki on my resource […]

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    […] (eucalyptus + lavender) for my chest/ throat area and to tent and inhale. You can find Vicki on my resource […]

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