What we eat has a much greater influence on how we are in the world than most of us realize. Irma has a way of inviting focus on this that engages the mind, body and even the spirit. Until I started working with her, I never thought I would get so much joy from integrating food into my life.
Steven Skyles-Mulligan
Executive Director, Evoke Strategies

I enjoyed Irma’s cooking demo so much. I am sure all of your attendees lavish you with praise; and I can say is WOW! I have been telling all my friends about it. $60 is a great value. We all spend that on a bland boring dinner. Your food was great – the experience was educational and entertaining.
Marsha Stone, President
Element Consulting Inc. NYC

Thank you Irma, for having such an educational, enjoyable cooking demo and bringing us all together. It was a really nice, diverse group of people and the food tasted great. You set a warm tone from the beginning and made us feel very comfortable in your home.
Dan Tepper,

MD Chicago IL

Irma has a special gift. I have never known a person who can connect with you on the most precious of levels. Her kindness, genuine caring and insight is a special gift. I know she will make a change in your life as she has in mine.

Marge Curvin,

Retired Managing Director ReMax  Real Estate – Tuscon, AZ

Working with Irma to help me with eating (nutrional habits) and lifestyle changes has been an incredible experience for me. She is an amazing listener and her caring feedback seemed to zero in on areas of my life that needed to be worked on. Along with that, Irma offers a wealth of information and knowledge, helpful suggestions, options, and possibilities that help to make these changes not feel so overwhelming. She is a pleasure to know and I would whole-heartedly recommend Irma to anyone who is looking to move their lives in a more positive, healthy direction.
Becky Weidmuller,

Allendale, NJ

I’ve known Irma Jennings for twelve years, and I had the opportunity to work with her as a holistic health counselor for a six month period in 2004. During that time, I ‘cleaned up’ my diet, eliminating processed and diet foods and soda, and added many more healthy foods to my family’s diet. Here it is, four years later, and those changes are now ingrained habits! We have two greens every night at dinner with a variety of whole grains and we continue to have a trans fat-free household. These were excellent changes that Irma encouraged me to make.

I had great results from working with Irma, which of course is important. Just as important, though, is the quality of the process of working with her. Irma brings tremendous skills of listening, empathy, and acceptance, combined with gentle encouragement and friendly accountability to her work with people. These attributes and skills on top of a depth of knowledge in her field make her an ideal ‘coach’ with whom to work for anyone who wants to make changes in their life with changes large and small, to shift their life in a healthier direction.

Nan Huson, Personal Trainer

New York City

I have taken classes with Irma in the past, and I know she always exceeds my expectations, so I am open to what other wonderful results are created that I haven’t imagined yet.   My past experiences with Irma are what brought me here; I have been immersed almost full time in the massage therapy study for the past few months, and need to refocus on the health counseling again, also. And I really trust that whatever Irma has to teach will be beneficial for me.

Susanne Miller, DC

Massage Therapist- Retired IT Management